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Jobsup.com is an online recruitment portal, brought to you by Habsons Group.

One of the largest e-recruitment channel in the Indian job market, offering the maximum visibility to Job Seekers among the prospective employers and recruiters. Employers and Recruiters can advertise their jobs and search resumes to find the right candidate effectively.

Jobsup provides corporate advertising services to companies through job posting pages, display of company logo and banners to increase the company's exposure among other companies and applicants, regionally and internationally. This powerful suite of Web-based tools offers a unique solution to the increasing demands of today's labor market to meet the specialized needs of employers, workforce development professionals, and the training and education community etc.

The site aims to provide job seekers particularly the Indian workforce an opportunity to enhance their career by working on challenging job assignments in India and Overseas.

Jobsup.com is a part of Habsons Group of companies which is involved in International Recruitment Services to its clients in the Gulf and other countries. The other areas of Businesses are such as Medical Diagnostic Services, Travel & Tourism, and Recruitment for over eight years.


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